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Nie Weiping on Go: The Art of Positional Judgment

Nie Weiping on Go: The Art of Positional Judgment

by Wei-ping Nieh
Rang: Written by (once) the strongest and most famous player in China, this work is also the first Chinese go book ever translated into English. In the biographical sectio, Nie's arduous struggle to become one of the finest players in the world is recounted, as well as his hardships during the Cultural Revolution and the stirring account of his challenge of the Japanese domination of the Go scene.

Using positions from his own games, Nie shows how a grasp of full board principles is essential to effective play. This book is divided into eight chapters: The Opening, Positional Judgment, Timeliness of Initiating Battles, Finesse and Trade-off Decisions, Forcing Moves, Utilizing Thickness, Defending Weak Stones, and Applications in fully Annotated Games. All of these themes are woven together by Nie and given a masterful interpretation that will help every go player in analyzing the demands of a position Supplemented with an index. 197 pages.

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