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Learn to Play Go, Volume II. The Way of the Moving Horse

Learn to Play Go, Volume II. The Way of the Moving Horse

Janice Kim, Jeong Soo-hyun
Kiadó: Good Move
Rang: 25k-20k

This is the second book in a series of introductory go books. Click here for general comments on the series.

This volume continues teaching the basic skills that you need once you've learned the rules. It's divided up into two parts; the first part, Principles, talks about general concepts (the various phases of a go game, kinds of enclosures and extensions and jump, invasion vs. reduction, etc.), and the second part, Skills, deals with more concrete tactics (life and death, contact fighting, etc.) The sections often start by repeating something that was mentioned in the first volume and then go on to related, slightly more advanced techniques; I think that it would work well both for people who have read the first volume and people that haven't. Those that have read another introductory book may find that they're familiar with some of the material in here, but everybody should find something new. Like the first volume, it's very clear. There are some exercises and sample openings at the end of the book.

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