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Fighting Ko

Fighting Ko

Jin Jiang
Kiadó: Yutopian
Rang: 5d-

This handbook catalogues the wide variety of ko situations that one is likely to encounter over the board, as well as several that may not appear in the course of a lifetime of playing! But the reader will appreciate the concise and thorough treatment of the subject. Some players shy away from playing ko because they fear that they will get lost in the complications, but in the final analysis, this fear stems from a lack of understand of the fundamental concepts involved. Fighting Ko provides all the information, advice and encouragement the reader may need to overcome such limitations. Ko positions in opening, middlegame and endgame settings are shown, as well as those that arise in standard joseki and invasion sequences. Strategy and whole board analysis as they apply to ko fihgts are also covered. The special properties of the 1-2 and 2-2 points in the corner, often utilized in making ko, are given elaborate treatment as well. In addition, several examples from professional games are presented. The final chapter tests the readerOs comprehension of the material covered, offering twenty problems similar to ones that may occur in real games circumstances.

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